Unlocking the Power of Podia: Resources, Services, and Plans for 2024 (Perfect for Creators!)

Set yourself free with Podia to craft your own course curriculum. Dive into Podia’s 2024 offerings, tailored specifically for creators like you.

Creating Your Curriculum

Podia makes it easy to create your course content. Their user-friendly interface supports various formats like videos, audio, PDFs, and more. Organize your content logically using modules and sessions for seamless learning.

There is no need to stress about technicalities. With Podia, you can handle everything from content creation to student enrollment and payment management without any coding knowledge.


Foster an internal community through integrated discussion forums where ideas can flow freely, enhancing the learning experience.

Enhance learning with quizzes and assessments, adapting them to suit your course content and audience.

Drip your course content gradually to maintain student engagement and control the flow of information.

Monetization Made Easy

Set your preferred payment methods and models, whether it’s one-time sales, subscriptions, or bundled packages. Podia seamlessly integrates with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal for hassle-free transactions.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Podia offers robust marketing tools to attract your target audience, including customizable landing pages, email marketing, and affiliate marketing programs.

Tailored Offerings for Creators

Podia caters to your advanced course development needs, offering features like coupons, discounts, subscriptions, and content gating to maximize your revenue streams.

Scale Your Business

With Podia, you have the flexibility to grow your business with ease, offering various seating options for your expanding audience.

Unlock the power of Podia today and take your online course business to new heights!

Earning Money Made Simple

Podia lets you decide how much to charge and how you want to get paid. Sell your courses one-time, offer subscriptions for ongoing content, or make bundles with multiple courses for a better deal. With Podia, you can easily connect with popular payment methods like Stripe and PayPal, making it easy for your students to pay.

Tools for Getting the Word Out

Podia knows that making a course is just the beginning. You also need good tools to tell people about it.

Attractive Pages and Sales Tricks: Make nice pages to show off your course and get people interested. Create sales tricks to keep potential students interested and turn them into paying customers.

Email Marketing: Keep in touch with your audience using built-in email tools. Send targeted emails to talk about your course, get people excited, and give them useful stuff.

Affiliate Marketing: Reach more people by getting others to promote your course. Get affiliates to talk about your course and earn money from every sale they make.

Cool Stuff for Experienced Creators

As your course gets more popular, Podia has more cool stuff for you.

Discounts and Deals: Offer discounts and deals to get more people to sign up for your course.

Memberships: Offer special stuff like exclusive content or groups to people who join your membership, and make money every month.

Teasing Content: Give people a taste of your course for free, to make them want to sign up for the whole thing.

Different Plans for Different Stages

Podia has different plans depending on how much you’ve grown.

Mover (Free): Try it out for free with one course and basic features.

Shaker ($39/month): Perfect for beginners, you can sell unlimited courses with basic features like email and discounts.

Earthquaker ($79/month): As your business grows, get access to cool stuff like memberships and affiliate marketing.

Headliner ($119/month): For big-time creators with lots of sales, get priority support and fancy analytics.