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Turing: Remote Jobs For Developers

All developers must pass an audit and complete the Turing Developer Test and Live Coding Challenge before joining the company.
Turing.com matches qualified engineers with remote jobs at prominent US companies using a combination of automated testing and an artificial intelligence matching engine. 

This innovative skill-based verification procedure helps Turing meet Silicon Valley’s verification standards and reveal the top 1 percent of developers worldwide.

AI ​​Matching Engine (AIME) analyzes the technical skills, knowledge and work experience of developers based on MCQs and coding challenges. The engine then determines which jobs are suitable for a particular candidate based on their skills and availability.

Turing.com’s review process?
The verification process consists of four steps:
1. CV and installation profile upload
2. Turing work experience questionnaire (MCQ test)
3. Turing technical stack tests (MCQ test)
4.Coding challenge in real time Turing (real-time) code test.

Before the Turing real-time coding challenge and technology stack tests, candidates complete a work experience questionnaire. The work experience survey assesses the personal and professional ethics and previous work experience of the developer.

This includes what the developer has encountered, observed or felt during his tenure in previous organizations. Simply put, the survey does not require any prior preparation.
The purpose of the survey is to obtain a complete picture of the candidate’s professional relationship with the organization from the day of application to the day of departure. 

It consists of 57 questions. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the survey, although 60 minutes are allotted.

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