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The Top Web Hosting Company for 2022


U.S. News 360 Reviews researched and analyzed dozens of web hosts and professional reviews to determine its rating of the Best Web Hosting Services of 2022.

In a recently published in-depth review of Bluehost’s service, U.S. News rated Bluehost as one of the top, all-around, easy-to-use, and fully-featured hosting providers. Bluehost was praised for the company’s expertise and commitment to WordPress and WooCommerce, its ease of use, variety of features and services, and high-quality support.

U.S. News recommends Bluehost for:

– Businesses that value a range of design, marketing, and support services

– Those wanting full-featured, easy-to-use WordPress hosting

– Those interested in domain registration that features dozens of top-level domains


Expertise and commitment to WordPress
Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress since 2005 for a very good reason – there simply isn’t a hosting option out there that knows how to optimize WordPress websites better. The company is proud to have an in-house team of dedicated WordPress experts, including engineers who work full-time on the development of the WordPress core.

U.S. News also praises Bluehost for its many WooCommerce offerings. These offerings make it incredibly easy for anyone to create online stores with an unlimited number of products, one-click installation of leading payment processing services, and many other helpful features like customer account creation.

Ease of use
Creating a WordPress website has never been faster and easier with Bluehost. The company seeks to provide assistance to its customers at every step of the customer journey. From providing easy online setup with Bluehost’s one-click installation feature to a dedicated dashboard where users can find curated tools and resources and manage every aspect of their website.

This is Bluehost’s effort in striving to make it as easy as possible for customers to get started with building the website of their dreams. U.S. News recognizes this effort and recommends Bluehost for people wanting easy-to-use WordPress hosting.

Variety of features and services
In the competitive space of the hosting market, it’s crucial for Bluehost to offer its customers the best features and services that allow them to build the website of their vision. U.S. News commends Bluehost as being “fully-featured” and recommends Bluehost’s service to those looking for a resourceful hosting provider.

Besides offering many features that customers may need in the short and long term, Bluehost also offers its wide array of expertise in the form of support services. Building a website and online business is never hassle-free, which means some form of guidance is appreciated. That’s also why Bluehost’s customers can purchase support packages that will assist them in marketing, website building, SEO, and security for their sites.

High-quality support
Being able to provide good experiences for customers is a win for both the company and its customers. That’s why Bluehost seeks to provide the best-in-class support for all of its customers.

U.S. News emphasizes Bluehost’s many support options as being a big advantage over competing hosting companies. Should customers need assistance, they have many options at their disposal. From 24/7 live chat support and email support to toll-free telephone support for its hosting service customers. Bluehost customers can also access a searchable knowledge base, blog, and resource center that includes extensive how-to guides if they want to learn about website building and hosting-related topics

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