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The Bigger The Better-The UK’s Fastest 5G Network Three

Three 3G and 4G networks cover a combined 99% of the UK’s outdoor population.

Three customers
Three look after 9.3 million customers and carry 28% of the UK’s mobile data traffic.

Three Speed
Three 5G isn’t just fast. According to Ookla®, it’s the fastest you can get.

Three Investment
Three investing £2 billion into transforming our whole network and IT infrastructure.

Enjoy Gaming With Three & Super Ultra Low Latency

Live streaming every game. Super smooth video calls in different time zones. Working on the road without delay. Let your kids beat you at the game, not your internet speed.
Superfast 5G makes it easier than ever to enjoy the little connections that enrich life.
We have allocated 140 MHz frequency in three of them to provide 5G service. That’s 50MHz more than any other UK network operator.
Enjoy lag free experience with Three

Full flow ahead
Three to deploy our 5G network in the UK.
It’s now available in select areas, so check out our coverage checker to see if you’re in a 5G area.
Live online in real time.

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