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Signing Up for Survey Junkie

Signing Up for Survey Junkie

It’s easy to start earning points and work your way toward cashing out on rewards.

The platform has developed more relaxed age requirements over the years, and currently only requires that members are at least 13 years old and citizens of the United States, Canada, or Australia.

To join Survey Junkie, follow this sign-up process:

Tap the “Join Now” button on the front page of Survey Junkie‘s website.
Sign up by connecting your Facebook account or submitting your email address.
Follow the steps that prompt you to submit your zip code, country, date of birth, and gender.
Submit your full name and create a password. Tap the “Log In & Start Earning” button to begin.
Upon signing up, you’ll automatically receive your first 25 points, as well as an opportunity to receive 50 points just for completing your profile, which involves 27 simple questions that help determine your eligibility for surveys.

Additional sign-up bonuses can be earned when you:

Confirm your email (25 points).
Add the Survey Junkie Pulse extension on Google Chrome and keep it for 30 days (150 points).
Follow the “How It Works” website walk through (5 points).
Complete topic-specific profile surveys (10 points each).

Earning Points on Survey Junkie

The Survey Junkie points system is extremely simple to understand.

For every point you receive, you earn one cent. This means every 100 points equates to $1 cash.

Survey Junkie provides a helpful display of your available points, lifetime points, and how much money you can redeem — saving you from having to do your own calculations.

To earn points on Survey Junkie, your primary activity will be, as you may expect, filling out online surveys.

The number of surveys you’re offered depends on how many you qualify for, but the majority of surveys you receive won’t take longer than 15 minutes — even those worth over 100 points.

Of course, you won’t always qualify for the surveys that appear on your feed, even if your profile made you look like an apparent match.

If you begin a survey and end up being disqualified, Survey Junkie will provide a couple points for your attempt.

While completing different surveys is the fastest way to rack up points, Survey Junkie may also ask if you’d like to opt into other earning opportunities, like:

Product testing: Some Survey Junkie clients may request to mail you a product after you complete a survey.
Once you test it out, you’ll be asked to provide feedback.
Online focus groups: If you have a webcam, you can partake in discussions with other Survey Junkie members about a specific topic.
In-person focus groups: Depending on your location, you may be qualified to earn a decent amount of real money by opting into these in-person discussions.
Phone interviews: If you wish to take part in phone interviews, you may receive a phone call from a representative to discuss a specific topic one-on-one with an interviewer.

Survey Junkie Payout Options

Once you reach 1,000 points — the equivalent of $10 — you may have several options to cash out, if you’re located in the United States.

You can redeem:

Cash via PayPal.
E-gift cards from popular retailers.
Direct bank transfers.

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