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Landbot Overview

Use Cases and Scope of Deployment

We mostly use it to collect leads and as a routing tool (directing consumers to the appropriate URL based on the options/topic they select). We obtain leads from our clients and distribute them to the appropriate teams. We are preparing and working to increase the usability of our bot.

Probability of Recommending

Well suited: If you’re searching for a bot that’s simple to construct, doesn’t need an IT specialist, has affordable rates, and offers a clear and simple reporting option that can aid in data analytics.
Though it integrates with Dialogflow, it is not well suited for usage as a complete self-learning bot solution. Choose IBM Watson Assistant, Dialogflow, or SAP Conversational AI if you want a self-learning bot.

Cons and Benefits

1. User Interface: With the simple-to-use UI, creating a bot is as simple as having your script ready.
Auto Assign:

2. The auto-assign function operates without a hitch. It lessens or frequently eliminates the requirement for a conversation routing or assigning mechanism. When properly utilised, this functionality distributes chat to the agents based on their workloads.

3. Integrations: In comparison to other products we use that are similar to Landbot (such drift, Mobile Monkey, etc.), Landbot has the most integrations. Calendly, Zendesk, and Zapier are our major tools.

4. Keywords Jump Feature: It works well as a feature. However, I believe there is room for improvement.

Most Important Features
Whatsapp Business: We use it extensively with our customers
Auto Assign Feature
API Chatbot

Return on Investment

We mostly had a positive impact with this tool. With our chat channel, we increased our new customer rate by 15% and return customer rate by 10%. We are seeing some decent returns with the tool

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