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Information On The Animoto Professional Plus Package That You Should Know


Our most feature-packed plan, Professional Plus, equips you with our most advanced video creation tools, offering the highest level of video customization, premium stock access, and business-focused features, including a license to resell your Animoto videos.

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In this post, we’ll discuss all things Animoto Professional Plus, including the exclusive features you’ll access and how to make the most of your subscription. Looking for something in particular? Feel free to jump ahead to any of the sections below:

What’s included with the Professional Plus plan?
What videos can I make with my Animoto subscription?
Why should I choose Professional Plus over Professional?
How much does the Professional Plus plan cost?
What’s included with the Professional Plus plan?
With your subscription to the Professional Plus plan, you’ll have access to our most advanced features to create professional videos easily. Let’s explore all of the exclusive features you’ll unlock when you subscribe to a Professional Plus plan.

We get it; searching for high-quality stock images and video clips can be time-consuming and expensive. With your Professional Plus plan, you’ll gain access to our Premium stock library, including over 100 million commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos. That means less time browsing, no per-image fees, and no worries about your content getting flagged or removed for unlicensed visuals.

With the Professional Plus plan, you can use Commenting to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto.

First, you can invite multiple people to leave time-stamped comments on your video via a private feedback link. Once they create a free Animoto account, they can pause your video and leave specific feedback down the second. No more chasing down emails, downloading hefty files, or sorting through redundant comments. Read this how-to guide to learn how you can use it to speed up the video review process.

Unlike our Professional plan, with Professional Plus, we give you a license to resell your videos to other businesses. That means for content creators, agencies, photographers, artists, or any other brand selling a visual product, you’ll be able to create and cash out on your Animoto videos.

A Saved Brand is your shortcut to apply your brand identity to your videos in a fraction of the time. When you create a Saved Brand, you’ll be able to save your logo, your brand colors, and your preferred font for one-click application on all of your videos.

As a Professional Plus user, you can create multiple Saved Brands. This feature was designed to help make video creation quicker for those working with multiple brand identities, multiple clients, or even multiple marketing campaigns.

When selecting your preferred font, you’ll be able to choose from any of our professional typefaces or upload your own custom font. That way, you can always match your brand identity exactly and apply your settings with one click every time by adding your font to a Saved Brand.

Whether you’re new to video creation or just new to Animoto, we’re here to help set you up for success. After you subscribe, you’ll be able to set up a 30-minute consultation with one of our video pros to answer any questions you might have and provide some tips and tricks for making the most of your Professional Plus account.

Looking for an easy video editing solution for your whole team? With one Professional Plus subscription, you’ll get accounts for up to three users–simplifying the purchase and renewal process for you. Once you subscribe to your year of Professional Plus, you’ll be able to set up account details for yourself and two teammates.

Let’s recap. Here’s everything you’ll get with your Professional Plus plan subscription:

100 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos from our Premium stock library
Collect time-stamped feedback on your videos
License to resell your videos to businesses
Accounts for up to 3 users
Multiple Saved Brands
Custom font upload
30-minute consultation with a video expert
All Free, Basic, and Professional plan features, including:
Remove all Animoto branding from your videos
Add your logo as a corner watermark
Upload or record Voice-over
Apply custom color swatches
Export high quality video (HD 1080p)
3,000+ licensed music tracks
40+ professional fonts
Unlimited video creation and downloads
Unlimited sharing to social media, email, and more
Access to over 160 customizable video templates
What videos can I make with my Animoto subscription?
The Professional Plus plan is popular among teams of video creators looking to quickly and easily make shareable, professional content.

If you’re part of a small business managing all of your marketing and content creation in-house, an internal marketing team at a larger company or organization, or an agency balancing multiple accounts under tight timelines, Professional Plus has the tools you’ll need to see success.

To help you and your team make the most of your subscription, here’s a quick rundown of some common videos you can create in minutes with Animoto:

  • Small business needs
  • New hire welcome
  • Employee onboarding
  • Organic social media content
  • Welcome to the team
  • About us video
  • Sale promotion
  • Product or service introduction
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Sales Follow Up -Customer Onboarding
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Marketing team/Agency needs
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Digital advertising
  • Ecommerce listing videos
  • Webinar announcement
  • Company newsletters
  • Podcast or blog teasers
  • Company vlogs
  • Video pitch
  • Client success stories
  • Customer testimonials
    The reasons to create a video are endless, and Animoto’s got you covered for all of them with video templates, easily customizable for any brand or industry.


Why should I choose Professional Plus over Professional?
Choosing between Professional Plus and Professional or considering an upgrade? Let’s go over some of the key reasons why Professional Plus might be the right plan for you.

If you’re working with multiple visual brands, Professional Plus offers greater convenience than Professional with multiple Saved Brands.
If you have a custom brand font, Professional Plus offers additional customization with font upload, so you can keep all of your content consistent.
Don’t have an in-house production team? Professional Plus eliminates the need for original media with a library of 100 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos.
Professional Plus users are given an exclusive license to resell their videos to other businesses, making it the best option for brands selling a visual product, including photographers, artists, and more.
Professional Plus is best for working on a team of creators. If you’ll have three team members creating video content, Professional Plus offers a better value than purchasing multiple Professional subscriptions.
Know you want to get started but still have questions about video creation? We recommend Professional Plus for those looking for some face-to-face coaching from a video pro.
Still have some questions about which plan is right for you? Reach out any time to talk to a member of our Customer Team, they’re always happy to help!


How much does the Professional Plus plan cost?

As our most advanced plan, Professional Plus comes at a higher rate than the Professional plan. That’s because Professional Plus offers the greatest value for users, eliminating the cost of multiple Professional accounts for teams of three or larger, and eliminating the cost of a premium stock and music subscription or licensing fees–all on top of multiple exclusive customization features.

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