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Galaxus: Opens The Market In Germany

Galaxus is kicking things up a notch and launching its optional business program outside of Switzerland. Now, merchants can use the online store’s German website to sell products under the company name without a basic fee. In its home country of Switzerland, where the business program was originally introduced, the market leader since 2016.

As the largest online retailer in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Digitec Galaxus sells almost everything – thanks in part to its business program. Of the more than five million products on our website, just under half reach our selection through marketplaces, while approximately 20 percent of Digitec Galaxus products overlap with marketplace partners. Merchants benefit from Galaxus‘ reputation and broad reach. In return, Galaxus can expand its product range to all categories from electronics to furniture, fashion, toys, housewares and supermarket products. This successful e-commerce model is now available at galaxus.de.

Unlike competing marketplaces that have been operating in Germany for a long time, Galaxus uses a curated business program: “Our merchants are selected and must fit the Galaxus brand,” explains Digitec Galaxus business engineer Simon De Toffol. “Galaxus is not a confusing flea market. And merchants cannot buy themselves a prominent place on the platform either. At Galaxus, we use customer-friendly logic when adding products.” Before the launch, ten partners have already signed up with galaxus.de, including big names like ComStern.de, Shopfair2
and SwissCommerce.

Millions of customers in Germany and Switzerland

Dealers do not have to pay any base or setup fees for Galaxus. We take a commission on all sales. Registering on the Galaxus Marketplace gives you access to millions of customers in Germany and Switzerland. Details and contact information for interested dealers can be found at Galaxus.

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