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Are you interested in learning how to knit, sew, or make a quilt?


Craftsy is an online learning platform with a creative bent that offers thousands of courses in creative hobbies like knitting, sewing, quilting, decorating, and even baking.

I can confidently state that Craftsy is the ideal location for you to tap into your imagination and instantly produce masterpiece-caliber crafts by enrolling in short sessions.

In addition to providing well-structured lessons and excellent instruction, Craftsy distinguishes itself by instructing and suggesting useful resources that you may need.

The days of taking an Art and Craft class in private at school are long gone. Craftsy guarantees to provide the best learning experience in line with current trends in education.

Craftsy allows you to take free beginning classes and get started learning without any problems, while being a subscription-based business. Moreover, you can download the lessons for later use. Imagine that you have tasks or other work!

As a follow-up, allow me to remind you that Craftsy allows you to buy a single course on a budget without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on pointless courses.

The Craftsy team will also send you a frequent, interesting newsletter.


                                      The Craftsy‘ Process (Explained)

Have you read the summary I honestly wrote up top? If not, do it right now. I briefly outlined Craftsy’s purpose and advantages for creatives everywhere.

Even so, you might still be debating in your thoughts how Craftsy functions and how to get started with it. Settle down. There is no end to the world. Still have time.

Before you put a hand on me, allow me to briefly describe how Craftsy functions.

You won’t get lost when using Craftsy’s streamlined and simple to use features to sign up for a course or purchase a Craftsy Premium subscription.

Speaking of memberships, you should be aware that Craftsy offers two different quick options. You have the option to buy an individual

Purchase a Craftsy course and receive lifetime access, or purchase a monthly or yearly subscription and have complete, unrestricted access to the entire course collection. Let me explain.

You are aware of how to access a Craftsy course. You now need to search through Craftsy’s 1,500+ courses in 20+ categories to find the one that best suits your needs.

How do you go about that? It is incredibly easy. Choose a specialty, such as knitting, crocheting, painting, quilting, or sewing. Cooking and baking are further options.

But, keep in mind that Craftsy exclusively provides classes on topics relating to crafts, so don’t expect to find any courses on web design, programming, or coding there. Craftsy is unique.

After selecting the desired course on Craftsy, you can gain access to useful resources including step-by-step instructions, special recipes, and simple patterns.



Like the majority of online learning platforms, Craftsy also offers a student community forum where you may connect with other artisans who share your interests and background.

The good news is that Craftsy is responsive to mobile devices and offers a useful mobile application you may use for quick learning while you’re on the road. You may complete Craftsy courses quickly and effectively since they are brief and easy to understand.

About instructors, you need not fret or even sulk because all of the Craftsy instructors are authorities in the various fields that are offered there.

Absolutely, Craftsy only permits qualified professionals to instruct courses on their platform. For instance, only a Pro Baker will instruct you if you want to learn how to bake.

Courses & Categories on Craftsy
Almost 1700 courses are available on Craftsy in 21 distinct categories. You have access to all the courses and classes with Craftsy Premium. Cake decorating, baking, exercise, embroidery, painting, knitting, paper crafting, sewing, quilting, yoga, writing, woodworking, and other activities are among the categories on Craftsy. Also, Craftsy provides more than 70 free courses that may be accessed at any time from the official website.

Also, Craftsy offers more than 50 multi-class packages that are not included in the premium membership. You may purchase them separately, and right now they are offering a significant discount promotion where you can save up to 60% off on these multiple-class bundles by entering the coupon code “CLASS60” at the checkout. On Craftsy, some of the most well-liked courses are:

Startup Crochet Library

Sewing Basics

Make Your Own Designer Handbag

7 Days of English Paper Piercing Drawing

To sum up how Craftsy functions, I would say that it is well-designed and free of annoying instructions or a perplexing user interface. Craftsy is a treasure for any creative person!

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