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AOMEI Backupper Performance


As we said at the beginning of our AOMEI Backupper review, this program was designed in a simple way. 

For our tests, we used the AOMEI Backupper Windows 10 version.

We used the same data on each PC, running different backup and restoration sets. The results showed no overload of our CPU and the files were compressed quickly. It all happened in just a few clicks.

The backup speeds are solid, but not the best. When backing up 1TB of data, the app took less than 18 hours to fully complete the process. In comparison to some of the best software programs out there, this is two to three times longer. 

The restoration speeds were faster. The rate was around 1.87GB per minute, which puts AOMEI data Backupper among the top software programs in this scenario. 1TB of files was restored in less than 9 hours. 

Data compression is the next thing we tested. It’s the real highlight of this part of our AOMEI Backupper review. The software compressed data by less than 10% on average, and sometimes at around 12%, which is very close to the industry standard. In some cases, it is even above it.

When we tried backing up sets of files, we encountered some minor glitches. Still, the CPU usage was light, and the speed was bearable.

AOMEIBackupper should also work on the encryption options. For instance, you can choose to encrypt backup sets, but that is really the only course of action. 

Interface and Ease of Use

AOMEIBackupper reviews are predominantly positive when it comes to the ease of use. The software is extremely intuitive. 

As we originally mentioned, there are five main tabs, and most of the operations are centered around the backup and restore processes. The chances for user error is taken down to a minimum.

The five main options are listed with large icons positioned on the left-hand side of the app window, making it easy for everyone to navigate. 

While using the platform, we encountered only one issue, associated with files that have long names. AOMEI Backupper Pro failed to initiate a backup until we shortened them. But that’s all.

If you still feel unsure, you can always talk to the support team.

AOMEI Backupper Pricing

AOMEI’s Backupper comes in several plans based on Windows PCs and Windows PCs and Servers.

Here’s what you can expect:



A free trial that lasts 30 days with basic features.



Comes with lifetime upgrades, and all features (1PC/license).



Comes with lifetime upgrades, all features, business use, and a PXE boot tool (1PC/license).



Comes with all features, unlimited PCs and licenses, business use, image deploy tool, PXE boot tool, and the Profitable Toolkit.

If you are interested in servers, you can choose from:


$199 per license (on a discount from $269)

Comes with lifetime upgrades, all features, business use and a PXE boot tool.

Technician Plus


Technician Plus – $799 for unlimited PCs/licenses with all features, business use, image deploy tool, PXE boot tool, and the Profitable Toolkit and Portable Versions.

Perhaps the most reasonable option, if you have a network of computers where you want to be able to backup files and do restoration, is the AOMEI Backupper Technician. Despite the $499 price tag, it comes with many options, unlimited PCs and licenses, and a lifetime plan.

Individual users can benefit from the Professional and Workstation plans, both of which are relatively close in their price tag (with a $10 difference).

For server users, there are two packages. The first is the AOMEI Backupper Server charges you per license, while the second – AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus puts one cost for an unlimited number of PCs and licenses.

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